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Looking for best deals in the town? Check out latest deals at Metrodeal Philippines and enjoy jaw dropping offers on gadgets, spa, hotels and much more. You can find new deals updated on a daily basis, where you can save up to 90% on total value of any product or service. Here at, we list all working Metrodeal vouchers and discount offers.

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About Metrodeal:

If you would love to live the attractions in and around your city and pay less for them, then you need to visit This exclusive portal for the Filipinos is designed to help people live more and enjoy more things in life by paying less. Today cosmopolitan cities all around the world see a steep rise in prices, whether one is eating in restaurants, ordering in food, taking up spa treatments and others. Thus, one is often constricted in the kind of services and experience they can have as per the budget in hand. While earning power cannot be increased as easily, Metrodeal definitely gives the people in Philippines a chance to enjoy more within the same given budget they have. With more than fifty percent discount in popular eating places, night clubs, spas and other exiting deals, life definitely is more eventful when one purchases the different deals found at this site. Metrodeal discount vouchers are amazing way to save money. 

Deals at Metrodeal:

This online portal for people in Philippines is part of a chain of similar sites which operate in many parts of South East Asia. This chain of portals is renowned for the discount vouchers they provide for different products and services. More than product purchases, one can avail of unique experiences through such deals. The best things that are there to see, eat, buy and experience in the different metro areas of Manila and other cities can be found at Metrodeal. The company operates with the philosophy of getting the best treats for the customers at prices that are unmatched. For the merchants and service providers, this site offers a chance for greater exposure for which the merchants offer the discount vouchers for such customers. At the same time, Metrodeal ensures that the customers have an unforgettable experience which is the best and not discounted in anyway. For most customers who avail of such offers, every eatery or any other place they visit, it is usually for the first time. Thus, the merchants need to ensure that the customers have a great experience so that they want to come back again without availing of a discount voucher. With such a purpose in mind, the site operates and everyday there are new deals that are launched through this site.

For those who are new to the concept of purchasing deals of experiences online, the process is a simple one:

• One needs to go through the Metrodeal vouchers offered
• There are different categories such as food and drinks, spa services, holiday packages and so forth
• When you find a deal in a category of your choice, you can click on the link for purchase of the deal
• You will be redirected to the payment page where you can opt for one of the many payment options given
• After the payment is completed, one will receive an email notification with the voucher details
• As per the requirements of the merchant, one could produce a hard or a soft copy of the voucher to avail of the deal

When one purchases a deal at Metrodeal, they need not pay anything additionally at the merchant venue. If one has purchased a voucher for a dinner meal for two at a restaurant, as long as they opt for the dinner items as mentioned on the voucher, no additional payments are required. When additional items are ordered, then one usually needs to pay the additional amount.

Metrodeal offers:

The Metrodeal discount codes are like none other. The Metrodeal discount coupons or vouchers offer massive discounts as the site promises a great turnout of customers to the merchants and as per such expectations, the merchant offers the discount. Thus, the success of Metrodeal lies in being able to spread the word and getting more and more people to buy the deals. As a result, Metrodeal encourages customers to sign up as members of the site. By being a member for free, not only will they receive daily notification of the offers in town, they can also share their experiences with others about the deals they avail of on social media sites.

Redeeming Metrodeal coupons at Savingmart:

There are other ways that Metrodeal advertises its offers and deals. One way is by offering Metrodeal discount codes on the deals that are on offer. We at list all latest deals offered at Metrodeal Philippines. This comprehensive list of Metrodeal vouchers and discount offers is very beneficial for those looking for a quick saving. The process of redeeming the Metrodeal discount voucher is easy:

• Choose a Metrodeal voucher or deal you wish to use
• Once you have checked the validity date and other terms of the deal, you can proceed to the official site to avail of the offer
• When you have chosen the deal you wish to purchase, you will be redirected to the payment page
• Here you can enter the coupon code you wish to use
• Once the coupon code is validated, one will be able to use the offer
• The discounted amount is what one needs to pay on Metrodeal

In such ways, customers can make considerable savings on the deals advertised on Metrodeal.

Customer care and assistance:

If you are a customer who is new to Metrodeal, you might want to know how authentic are the deals advertised on Metrodeal. Many might fear that they will get a bad experience if they land up at a restaurant or a spa to avail of a Metrodeal offer. For such reasons, one can check up the reviews and testimonials of other customers who have abided of such offers. When going through such reviews one will be convinced about the experiences of others and how such deals are great ways to enjoy more of the activities in and around their city. Most deals are incredible but are offered for a limited time period. That points to the genuineness of the offers which merchants host on such a site to entice more customers and to increase their coverage. The customer support team at Metrodeal works night and day to ensure that customers have a pleasurable experience with any discount voucher they purchase at their site. In case there are any problems incurred, on can find the customer support email ID to address their queries to. For prompt assistance, the contact number is also provided. One can call in at the number provided during working hours six days in a week to seek prompt assistance. With the smooth query handling procedure established by Metrodeal, customers are able to get the most out of their deal purchased at the site. Today Metrodeal apps are also available for different mobile devices. That allows one to find great deals and purchase deal vouchers on the go, anywhere and anytime.

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