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Groupon Philippines was launched in February, 2011 and today it has become one of the best deal sites in the country. Here you can find best deals and discount offers in different categories such as travel, restaurant, beauty treatment, spa and much more. Groupon deals help you save money on your purchase. At, we regularly updated top Groupon vouchers and deals to help you easily find best offer.

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About Groupon:

Today many people see lucrative deals of a different kind on a site called Groupon. This is one unique deals initiative that is slowly taking over several countries. Unlike the websites that offer best deals for different products and services, Groupon is all about experiences and discounting them for the potential users. From premier hotel stays, weekend getaways, lunch and dinner buffet and even spa services, Groupon deals offers them all. The company was launched back in 2008 and it was first created for the city of Chicago. It was then extended to cities like Boston, New York, Toronto and others. Today it serves several markets in Asia. The deals that it offers are unique as is the way it operates. It is known that over thirty five million users are part of the Groupon network. While other similar deals sites offer about ten or fifteen percent discount, Groupon can offer more than fifty percent discount on premier hotel stays, buffet meals and other luxury services. Today Groupon is increasing its presence in Philippines and most people here are benefiting from its offers.

How it Works:

For those Filipinos who are wondering how to make the most of Groupon Philippines, they simply need to understand how it works. In Philippines, the Groupon deals and offers are divided as per the cities where the deals are found. All you need to do is the following:

• Click on the city in Philippines where you wish to check out the deals
• You can select the category of deals that appeal to you. For instance, meals, hotel stays, spa services and others
• Once you find a deal that you like, click on the same
• If you are a guest user, you simply need to key in your email address and contact number to proceed
• You need to pay the discounted amount on the Groupon portal to avail of the deal
• Once the payment is completed, you can call in and confirm or reserve at the venue to enjoy their services at a future date

For Filipinos who make use of Groupon deals, they will be able to enjoy meals, hotel stays and other premier luxury and entertainment services at half the normal prices. Such discounts allow one to try many things and make their weekends exciting.

Groupon Philippines Deals:

There are different kinds of deals that are found on Groupon Philippines. The main category is that of food and drinks under which meals are advertised at discounts by different hotels and restaurants. Many such venues offer buffets, unlimited drinks and other combinations at attractive rates with Groupon vouchers. You can obtain passes to entertainment parks, movies and other venues at half the normal prices at Groupon. For spa massages in a venue close to you, check out Groupon before you book an appointment. You will get a luxury treatment at a very reasonable price when you book through Groupon. The Groupon Philippines can act as a great city guide for anyone who is new to the country. They can check out the new deals offered in the different cities and discover new places, check out exciting activities and so forth. Groupon is known to offer novel experiences through their portal. No mater which city you are in, you are sure to find a Groupon page dedicated to offerings in and around the city. It is indeed a great way to know a place and have exciting things to do on weekend or on special occasions with friends and loved ones.

If you are new to Groupon Philippines, there are several ways to making the most of the deals offered in the different cities of the country. Many schemes are designed such that you will end up saving more than ninety percent. The Groupon schemes and membership comes for free. Hence, it is a great incentive to sign up as a free member to get regular updates about the new deals in town and offers that are on for a limited time frame. All you need to do is sign up with your email address and you will become a member of Groupon. The Groupon vouchers and discount offers will then land up at your inbox. At the Groupon Philippines site the latest deals can be found for the different cities. There are cashback offers given to members who sign up for a free account at Groupon. Many new cafes, restaurants and other places advertise by offering great deals on Groupon. As a result, most Groupon members come to know about the new and happening places in town and get to try them out at discounted rates. The Groupon coupons Philippines are designed such that, you can avail of them easily. The Groupon discount vouchers are offered for a limited time frame. All particulars of Groupon discount coupons are mentioned on the link provided. If a Groupon deal looks lucrative to you, you can definitely opt for the same by paying the discounted price of the offer. Groupon encourages its members to like the offers they host on their social media accounts. That way, your friends and acquaintances will get to know about the offer and also, that you availed a great discount through Groupon.

Making the Most of Groupon Discounts:

If you like to use Groupon discount coupons, there are certain conditions and guidelines you need to follow:

• Remember that the Groupon discount deals come with a validity period
• There might be certain other factors to consider such as certain days of redemption which are specified by the merchant. Some offers are valid seven days a week for a certain time period while others might be offered only on weekdays.
• The number of people who can make use of a single voucher is mentioned
• Many restaurants which have several outlets usually specify the outlets where one can avail of a deal
• If you have taken up a Groupon coupon for a meal, the menu is usually mentioned in the fine print
• Certain venues have restrictions on timings as well as other conditions such as prices for children, entry for certain age groups and so forth

It is also advisable that you call in at the merchant venue to confirm the usage of the coupon. Some outlets might stop taking such coupons or might have other restrictions which are not mentioned on the Groupon site or in the fine print of the vouchers.

Groupon Coupons on Savingmart:

Even though Groupon coupons are at the heart of what it offers as a service, there are ways of getting even cheaper deals and benefits out of Groupon. At, we list all deals that Groupon has to offer. You can easily select best deals as per your need and click at ‘Get the Offer’ link. You can follow these steps to redeem a Groupon voucher.  

• Find the deal among the different Groupon offer that appeals to you
• Check the validity date and other terms and conditions before you proceed
• After you have checked such details, click on the link to proceed
• At the Groupon site, you can proceed to buy the deal you want. At the time of payment for the deal, you can avail of the discount mentioned on the coupon

In such ways, helps customers to save in larger amounts and makes the offers at merchant sites more appealing.

Groupon customer care policies:

Groupon is a unique service portal that brings together deals and discount offers from different online merchants. For such reasons, customer service and assistance is a major part of their success story. The concept of gift certificates which is the main selling point of Groupon, is often not clearly understood by the customers. For customers to understand what they can get from Groupon and how they can make use of such gift certificate there needs to be a prompt and responsive customer support team at work. There are several instances when customers are not happy with the deal they have bought or the terms are not honored by the merchant. In order to resolve such disputes or to clear doubts and confusion, there is a dedicated customer support team at work. One can call in at the toll free number provided and seek information and resolution to their queries. Customer support is prompt in resolving problems and answering queries and coordinating between merchants and customers. As a result, there are many forums where customers have provided positive feedback about their experiences with Groupon deals.

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