Top Tech Gadgets of 2015

As technology is developing at a rapid rate, people are getting attracted to a variety of gadgets that are coming in the market. With time, science has really done some miracles which resulted in the discovery of some wow gadgets for people. In this busy life, where everything changes within the blink of an eye, tech gadgets are an interesting area that people look up to. Some of the best tech gadgets of 2015 in world are as follows:

Apple Watch:

Apple watch is one of the most unique gadgets that come with a plethora of functionalities. The watch in itself is a smartwatch that has two unique features. The digital crown and the way the bands attach are the best two features about this watch. Activity tracking like tracking your heart rate or tracking specific kind of workouts is very easy with this kind of watch. The variety of applications available here are simply awesome and keeps you connected to the world. Whenever a new notification comes, the watch taps you on your wrist. When you raise your wrist, the screen glows and notifies you with the text or other important details. Use Lazada discounts to get upto 40% off.

SkyBell Wi-Fi Video Doorbell with ios android app:

Did you ever imagine that a door bell would be connected to your phone and let you know about the visitors? If  no, then we have something to tell you. Skybell brings you the most innovative doorbell that will let you know about the visitor who is at your door. Seeing, hearing or speaking to the visitors at your door is very easy with this kind of video doorbell. The live video feed on certain Android and iOS devices will help you like never before. Even when a visitor does not press the bell, the motion sensors immediately triggers an alert to you. From the application, you can check the on demand part that gives you a live video feed.

Wireless Smart LED Soft White Bulb 80% Less Consumption:

Controlling lights bulbs of your home with the help of a mobile application? Yes its damn true, as GE brings you connected LED light bulbs that can be controlled from the app of your smartphone. As per your scheduler you can very well control the lighting of your house and switch on/off the lights just by a click on your phone. The bulbs consumes very less of energy and can be dimmed or highlighted with the help of different settings on the mobile applications.  The bulbs can be connected to Apple, Android device and has the facility of Wi-Fi that makes it a really cool tech gadget.

Bluetooth Audio Sleep Music & Phone Head Mask:

Now listening to music or taking calls on trains, flights or even when you are sleeping is very easy with the help of this head mask. The head mask is comfortable enough for you to sleep with it and listen to soothing music at the same time. The head mask is very soft to wear and is compatible with Bluetooth 3.0 version. The built in wireless speakers inside the head mask can very well connect to a smartphone or any other Bluetooth device and you can fall asleep listening to your favorite music collection. There are buttons at the side of the head mask that can help you to shuffle between songs, answer a call or even switch on/off the gadget. Light in weight, you can carry the gadget, anywhere you like.

Ultra slim Qi-enabled Wireless Charging for All Smartphones:

Charging your smartphones are quite easy when you have this product with you. You don’t have to go towards the switch board now to charge your phones. Charging starts at the moment when you place a Qi enabled device or having a device integrated with Qi compatible cover. With the help of the LD display you can check the clear charging status and your phone would never be over charged. This ultra slim product is very easy to carry and very simple in fashion. Thus you will never run short of battery when you have this charger with you.

These are the top five gadgets that you would love to buy this year. The gadgets are unique with respect to their functionalities and you must go for these tech gadgets without any delay.

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