Choosing the Best Leather Jackets to Impress Your Girl on a Date Night

Have a date with your special girl, and want to project a masculine attitude sprinkled with toughness and swagger? Well, look no further than the good old leather jacket. The leather jacket has been in existence since the days of the Roman Empire and it still is the most apt piece of garment to show off your macho side. However, choosing the right leather jacket is almost as tedious as choosing your “special one”, so here we bring you the broad classifications in the leather jacket family.

1. Bomber “Flight” Jacket:

As the name suggests these jackets were designed and manufactured for the brave pilots manning our skies. The Bomber has still retained its original style and is a waist-long leather jacket which has a soft inner lining. The inner linings can be made of several materials such as Fleece, corduroy and flannel and the waist and sleeves are tight having elastic openings. These jackets keep the wearer warm and protected and generally zip up from the front. These casual jackets also have quite large side and flap pockets. One for the more-work-less-fun type of man. Go to Lazada to buy one at best prices.

2. Moto “Racer” Jackets:

This is one of the simpler leather jackets and are also known as “motocross” or “café rider” leather jackets. These are very cozy and streamline in design and generally come with a snap collar or in some cases have no collar at all. This line of leather jackets come with the most diverse colors and designs and thus are a better fit for the young and racy ones who live life on the edge. However, without a bike or at least a helmet these can make you look like you are attending a fancy dress competition.

3. “Double Rider” Motorcycle Jackets:

This is the classic “American” leather jacket and you will find these in biker pubs and bars across the country. This jacket has a glorious history and has been worn by the bikers and outlaws for a long time. The jacket will make you stand out in a crowd with large and wide lapels, a flared collar and snaps allover to help fasten the jacket in winds. The zipper in the front opens at a certain angle and has various styles to it. This jacket is associated with rough and boisterous Harley bikers and gives the wearer an attitude to be afraid of.

4. Cattleman:

These are the simplest of all leather jackets and are generally coats which are thigh-long and sometimes have a mild flare at the waist portion. Unlike other leather jackets this one uses buttons and are mainly seen on the village folk or ones experimenting with fashion.

Thus, a leather jacket has always been a sign of manly boldness and owning one is a matter of pride and it will continue being that way for many more days of fashion.

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